Walking in Essex

Chairmans Report


We have had good walks both Wednesdays and Saturday, although because the time of year a bit muddier than usual. As you can see in Cliffs report we are struggling for Saturday leaders, partly due to some of our present leaders indisposed due to injurys.

The overall membership has stayed very stable, so the support for both Wednesday and Saturday walks have been encouraging, thus having new members joining us on a regular basis is good news for the group.


Event Bookings

Members are requested that, when notifications and booking forms for events etc. are distributed, responses are received as soon as possible, but certainly by the stated cut-off dates. This is so the organisers are in a position to assess whether or not they can proceed with the arrangements. It is appreciated that in some instances (e.g. weekend trips) the events can be a long way ahead and it may not be possible to fully commit at the time. However, whenever you can, your help in this matter would be appreciated.


Ideas for Social Events, day trips and weekends

The Committee would welcome any suggestions from members of the group in respect of social events, Day Trips and Weekends away etc. and offers to partake in any respective arrangements.


Bill Crossley


Monday, June 18, 2018